Pet sim x value list july 2022

Looking for an up-to-date Pet Simulator X value list in Roblox? You’ve come to the right page! Welcome to value town. We’ve got a complete list of all Pet Sim X pet values in a filterable, sortable, and easy-to-read list.

We’ll constantly be updating this page with the latest values and newest pets. If you’ve spotted a pet missing that you think should be added, or want to submit your own pet values, simply leave a comment below, and we’ll take a look at it!

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Pet sim x value list july 2022

Spend your hard-earned gems/diamonds wisely by checking how much each pet is estimated to be worth on our Pet Simulator X value list! The value has been calculated by many veteran players in the Official Pet Sim X Trading discord server.

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Enchant Pricing in Pet Simulator X

The enchants on each pet can greatly impact its resale value, so check which enchant is on the pet you’re trying to buy or trade.

Best Huge Pet Enchants:

Super Teamwork, Teamwork Strength, Chest Breaker, Charm, Rainbow Coins IV & V, Uniques

Worst Huge Pet Enchants:

Agility, Diamonds, Gifts & Irrelevant Coins,

Best Mythic Pet Enchants:

  • Unique – Royalty.
  • Common – Super Teamwork, Teamwork, Chest Breaker III, Strength V, Rainbow Coins

Worst Mythic Pet Enchants:

  • Unique – Glittering, Magnet.
  • Common – Agility, Diamonds, Gifts, Irrelevant Coins.

What is the Most Valuable pet in Pet Simulator X?

The most expensive and valuable pet in Pet Simulator X is currently the Exclusive Huge Chest Mimic, which can sell for around 60 Trillion diamonds.

Best Friend Pets in Pet Simulator X

“Best Friend” is a unique enchant that will enable the pet to always be as strong as your best pet. It can’t be obtained through enchanting, but all “Huge” pets automatically have it. This generally makes them the most expensive and sought-after pets in the game as you can always use them in your main team. The extra advantage is that it will be one less pet to farm for your team as well.

Pet Simulator X Hardcore Pet Value List

Updated: August 18, 2022
Adjusted hardcore pet values

Unlike normal pets, the hardcore pet values are mainly based on the damage of the pet itself. Aside from Pixel Demon, all hardcore pets are generally considered to be the same.

Pet Simulator X Value List

Updated: August 18, 2022
Adjusted pet values

This is the main Pet Simulator X value list. The pets can be sorted by cheapest to expensive and filtered by Rarity, Source, and Demand rating. You can also search for your favorite pet.

There are over 180 pets on the list so far. We haven’t included every single pet in the game, as some are either unobtainable, untradable, or have a low value due to how easy they are to obtain.

This can also be used as a value tier list, as the default ranking order is sorted by highest value to lowest, based on the best rarity of each pet. However, when a new update is released, we’ll add all of the newest pets to the top of the listing.

And that’s all we’ve got for the Pet Simulator X value list as of now. Interested in playing Pet Sim X? Check it out on the official Roblox site here.

If you’re enjoying playing Pet Simulator X by Roblox and want to know the most valuable animals in-game right now – then you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, we have listed what the most precious pets are (in Gems) that you can get your hands on right now, as players trade their way to having the most lucrative animals possible.

This trading system that the developers have adopted allows the concept of trading pets to be more exciting in a bid to have your very own dream pet! 

GMS Disclaimer: The Value chart listed below is based on predictions by fans of the game and NOT by the developers themselves.

Most Valuable Pet Simulator X Pets

Pet sim x value list july 2022

As of 12th August, here is a list of some of the most valuable pets in Gems:

  • Huge Easter Cat: 5 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Cat: 3 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Tiedye Corgi: 3 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat: 2.6 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Santa Paws: 2.5 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Tiedye Cat: 2 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Dragon: 900 Billion Gems
  • Huge Dog: 900 Billion Gems
  • Huge Forest Wyvern: 650 Billion Gems
  • Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 615 Billion Gems
  • Huge Lucky Cat: 580 Billion Gems
  • Huge Storm Agony: 540 Billion Gems
  • Huge Pony: 450 Billion Gems
  • Blue BIG Maskot: 450 Billion Gems
  • Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 350 Billion Gems
  • Huge Festive Cat: 350 Billion Gems
  • Huge Super Corgi: 280 Billion Gems

Pet Simulator X Value List August 2022

As mentioned above, there is no set date in which Roblox actively updates these values and will constantly change unpredictably.

As of 12th August, here is the list of pets valued from highest to lowest (Gems) (over 1 million):

  • Galaxy Dragon: 190 Billion Gems
  • Nebula Dragon: 190 Billion Gems
  • Storm Wolf: 180 Billion Gems
  • Galaxy Pegasus: 180 Billion Gems
  • Domortuus Astra: 180 Billion Gems
  • Chest Mimic: 140 Billion Gems
  • Signature Big Maskot: 128 Billion Gems
  • Electric Slime: 125 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Darkwing: 115 Billion Gems
  • Nyan Cat: 115 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Astra: 110 Billion Gems
  • Mushroom King: 110 Billion Gems
  • Noobortuus: 110 Billion Gems
  • Og Doge: 100 Billion Gems
  • Storm Dragon: 100 Billion Gems
  • Wicked Angelus: 90 Billion Gems
  • Sapphire Phoenix: 80 Billion Gems
  • Blob Fish: 80 Billion Gems
  • Guest Noob: 70 Billion Gems
  • Hell Chest Mimic: 65 Billion Gems
  • Sad Cat: 57 Billion Gems
  • Sock Monkey: 55 Billion Gems
  • Grumpy Cat: 50 Million Gems
  • Stacked Doge Noob: 35 Billion Gems
  • Pterodactyl: 42 Billion Gems
  • Lava Scorpion: 18 Billion Gems
  • Storm Agony: 17 Billion Gems
  • Sock Corgi: 17 Billion Gems
  • Starfall Dragon: 15 Billion Gems
  • Super Cat: 15 Billion Gems
  • Blobenstein: 14 Billion Gems
  • Wicked Empyrean Dragon: 12 Billion Gems
  • Yee Haw Cat: 9 Billion Gems
  • Punkey: 9 Billion Gems
  • Lucky Cat: 8 Billion Gems
  • Rainbow Unicorn: 8 Billion Gems
  • Fairy Queen: 7.5 Billion Gems
  • Sea Dragon: 5.5 Billion Gems
  • Pony: 4 Billion Gems
  • Super Corgi: 4 Billion Gems
  • Ice Cream Cone: 3 Billion Gems
  • Gargoyle Dragon: 3 Billion Gems
  • Otter: 2.5 Billion Gems
  • Super Corgi: 2 Billion Gems
  • Orca: 1.7 Billion Gems
  • Koala: 1.6 Billion Gems
  • Keyboard Cat: 1.5 Billion Gems
  • Rave Crab: 1.5 Billion Gems
  • HippoMelon: 1.5 Billion Gems

Mythical Pets Value List

  • Dark Matter A-36: 700 Million Gems
  • Dark Matter Pixel Demon: 200 Million Gems
  • Dark Matter Ghoul Horse: 150 Million Gems
  • Rainbow Pixel Demon: 80 Million Gems
  • Dark Matter Hellish Axolotl: 80 Million Gems
  • Dark Matters Santa Paws: 30 Million Gems
  • Rainbow Hellish Axoloti: 25 Million Gems
  • Golden Pixel Demon: 20 Million Gems
  • Dark Matter 404 Demon: 10 Million Gems
  • Pixel Demon: 8 Million Demons

What is the most expensive pet currently in Pet Simulator X?

At the time of writing, the rarest pet is the exclusive Huge Easter Cat, which is worth around 15 trillion diamonds for the Rainbow version.

How often do Pet Simulator X values change?

As mentioned above, there is no precise in which the valuations of respective animals change and will fluctuate as time passes. 

Roblox have a group on their official website for this exact topic where they frequently update fans of the series on this exact topic – which is a good source to check for pet values.

Alternatively, stick with us and we will update you on all the goings-on regarding Pet Simulator X values and what has changed over the coming months and will keep this page regularly updated to ensure you don’t miss out.

So, stick with us and keep your eyes peeled for more! 

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